Frequently asked questions about the ThugCity Project / Community
What is the population of ThugCity?
  • 10,000. 90% of the population consists of Thugs, and 10% Cops.
How can I get on the Whitelist?
  • We will be rewarding 1000 whitelist spots to members with the most contribution and dedication in the community, through weekly giveaways, contests and much more. Join the discord and keep an eye out!
When is the release date?
  • Public release is on September 2nd. Whitelist has sold out. Reveal will happen a couple days after public release, followed by the game once NFT sale is complete.
What is the mint cost for NFTS?
  • Mint price is 0.045 ETH per NFT. You may mint up to 15 NFTs per transaction.
How is each NFT created?
  • Every character's DNA is uniquely and randomly generated through an algorithm combining a variety of properties including their shirt, hair, background, eyes, face, glasses, hat, chain and more.
How can I apply to join the ThugCity team?
  • We will be hiring a couple of positions nearing the second half of 2022 and will always give the community a chance before we share job listings with the public. More info will be announced in the near future.
Last modified 1yr ago