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If you are lucky enough to mint one of the 1,000 Cops, you can stake in various locations in ThugCity where you will be paid wages in $BILLS every day. These wages are 20% higher than the yield that a Thug receives for staking.
When a Cop first enters ThugCity, they will be posted at the police station, where they can then make the decision on which location they want to station themselves at. Cops will earn $BILLS regardless of where they are staked at within the city (including the police station), although they will only be able to arrest Thugs when they are staked at locations excluding the police station.
The Cops earn passively, so simply stake your Cop at any location and they will earn rewards as you sleep. Cops will earn medallions for arresting Thugs, which will hold significant value in the future and are undoubtably the Cop's most valuable utility.
Cops will earn 1200 $BILLS per day while they are staked.
There are 5 tiers of Cops, and each one is rarer than the previous.
Tier 1: Deputy - Lowest tier, most common (274), beige uniform
Tier 2: Sergeant - Mid-low tier, decently common (250), blue uniform
Tier 3: Lieutenant - Mid tier, common (223), green uniform
Tier 4: SWAT - High tier, less common (178), black uniform
Tier 5: TCMP (ThugCity Mounted Police) - Highest tier, very rare (75), red uniform
These tiers do NOT mean anything in the first season, other than looking better and being differentiated on OpenSea.
In the SECOND season, each Cop tier will have specific actions that only their tier is able to take part in, giving certain Cops an advantage and more utility. We will not release any information regarding this until we are much closer to the end of the first season.