Leaderboard & Rewards

After staking a Thug or Cop for some time, users have the option to withdraw their accumulated $BILLS or spend these $BILLS on various missions. These missions allow users to obtain items, which each hold a point value, increasing their position on the seasonal leaderboard. After each mission Thugs will receive one of the various rewards, as long as they are not arrested by a Cop. Each reward has a different point value which will help Thugs and Cops climb the seasonal leaderboard. These rewards will then be available to use/exchange after the first season for future assets and upgrades within ThugCity.
The ThugCity team aims to create a long-lasting, persistent project, keeping users active for the indefinite future. Many new projects in Web3 are built on false promises and incomplete roadmaps, however we know that the value behind our project comes from strong, long-lasting relationships with the community. Therefore, we are introducing our seasonal reward system that will not only provide our members with rewards, but will serve as a counter inflationary measure.