All Thugs are staked at the Apartments in their own "mini-city", where they will yield $BILLS. As the Thugs become richer over time, you can expect to see renovations take place.
The apartments are used for both staking and unstaking Thugs, along with viewing their inventory. A Thugs inventory consists of all the weapons he owns, along with any stolen goods, such as vehicles, casino chips or cash stolen from the bank. Hold onto these items for dear life, as they will undoubtably be handy in the future.
As the Thugs break more of their allies out of prison, the "mini-city" will expand to accomodate the increased population as they take over the city.
When unstaking Thugs, users may choose to withdraw all their accumulated and deposited $BILLS by selecting the check box. If this is left blank, the $BILLS accumulated by the unstaked Thugs will be withdrawn automatically, but all other balances will remain in game.