The bank is the backbone of ThugCity's economy. All users deposits and withdrawals go through this location, and balances are viewable at any time.
All balances are based off a users address and the Thugs/Cops they have staked. Unlike other P2E games, balances do not have to be withdrawn from each character before they are usable on another character, saving numerous gas-heavy transactions.
Cops are able to defend this location, as long as they wield a class 4 weapon.
Additionally, the most risk-taking Thugs will be able to attempt a robbery on the bank, assuming they own a class 4 weapon.
Committing a crime at this level is not cost-free as a Thug must put together a team, and more importantly, a driver to get them away from the scene. Thugs will have to spend 8000 $BILLS in order to commit this crime and obtain the potential rewards.
If a Cop catches a Thug attempting a robbery, he will be substantially compensated for his actions through medallions.
The Bank also allows users to add the $BILLS token to their metamask wallet, simply by clicking on the purple $BILLS icon.
Last modified 7mo ago