The ThugCity dealership holds the most desired vehicles in the city.
Unfortunately, due to manufacturing and import constraints, all of the vehicles are currently spoken for and cannot be purchased.
So how do the Thugs get around the city without being able to purchase a vehicle?
Well... Thugs have become quite proficient over the years within the confines of their safehaven, and have now developed ways to obtain these vehicles without the need to purchase them, but instead steal them.
When a Thug attempts to steal a car from the dealership, they always look for the flashiest supercar, although depending on inventory on a specific date, they may have to settle for a generic sports car. This crime will cost 1000 $BILLS.
Due to the large number of crimes occuring at the dealership, Cops are given the opportunity to act as security, in return for rewards for arresting Thugs attempting to steal cars.
Note that while manufacturing and import constraints restrict the purchase of cars at this time, these barriers will not last forever.
Last modified 7mo ago