The thugs have began their takeover of the City. As they prepare to wreak havoc, they gather in their safehaven to plot their attack. The cops dare not enter the safehaven of the Thugs, but they preparedly await them on the other side of the bridge.
ThugCity's liberty is in the hands of the Thugs.
Thugs staked in ThugCity will accumulate $BILLS, which they will use to create an armory to advance their plot. There are various criminal actions each Thug can take, as denoted by each location. All crimes have a risk and reward, meaning a Thug will have to risk their $BILLS in order to reap the potential rewards from a successful crime. All $BILLS exercised will be taken out of the supply and burned. The rewards from a crime will be added to a Thugs inventory, increasing their leaderboard points, along with allowing future purchases/upgrades.
Thugs will earn 1000 $BILLS per day while they are staked.